Why only bottled cocktails?





There are many reasons, but some will interest you more than others. Imagine the following scenario: You go out with your friends on saturday night. All the nice places in the city are crowded as hell. Finally you find a nice place you want to stay in. Of course it is busy. You order a drink.

Reason 1: the QUALITY.

The night is busy, barkeepers are very stressed. They need to prepare lots of drinks very fast. This means they will pay less attention to your drink. Maybe you even get the drink prepared by a less skilled staff member. If it is busy, by the time the drink gets to your table you will probably not send it back even if it is a little bit off – better to have something to drink now, then wait another 15 minutes, right?

Batching  ahead of time solves this problem. No time pressure, all the love goes to your drink. And you can be sure that only the best skilled men get to mix big batches of drinks – we sure don’t want the whole batch to go to hell!

Reason 2: the CONSISTENCY.

Have you ever been to a place where you order a drink and it is just EXTRAORDINARY? It is so good, you let every one of your friends @ your table try it. Everybody loves it. You order another round of them. Then the next night you are in, coming just for that great drink you order it and… it does not taste that good anymore? Maybe the barkeeper, that prepared it for you the night before has his night off? Maybe they switched to diffrent ingredients? Maybe…

..well, no maybes when you prepare the drinks ahead in batches. Every next drink tastes exactly the same perfect way you had it before. Now, when you found your perfect drink, you can keep coming back to have it time and time again.

Reason 3: the SPEED.

Remember, your on that busy night? You ordered some drinks but they just will not arrive? You wait for 10, maybe 15 minutes and they still are not there? Yeah, whern they finally arrive and you are done with it, the next order is gonna be beers, right. Because you will get them FAST and COLD.

Same as bottled cocktails. The only thing you need to do to enjoy you drink is taking it out of the freezer and pop the top. That’s it. No waiting tiime, just instant gratification.

Reason 4: the EASY.

Our drinks can be enjoyed anywhere. You can take them home, to a party, to the riverside, to a park. You can store them for some time and pop them open when you need to relax. Just as you do with beer or wine. You don’t need a skilled barkeeper on your side – there’s been one thereat the time, your drink was bottled!

Reason 5: the PRICE.

Have you noticed our great prices? You should have. Preparing drinks ahead of time means less spillage, less usage, less stress for us. That means for you: LESS COST! And a better product, since we can use better ingredients all time every time.


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